About Us


Salam International, Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing precision medical instruments, pathology, morgue and hospital supplies since 1992. Our first products were autopsy saws and scalpel blades. Today, nearly 20 years later, the company offers over 2,500 products to its North American and international customers.

Salam International, Inc. is well-known for its quality products, responsiveness, and competitive prices. We have earned a reputation for producing superior stainless steel products, including carts, lifts, trays and autopsy and pathology tables and work stations, many of them built to order. The company manufactures solid and reliable, yet affordable, refrigeration units which appeal to coroners, medical examiners, mortuaries, and funeral homes alike.

Salam International, Inc. has numerous satisfied customers, including the U.S. Department of Defense, Army, Air Force, and Navy, as well as medical examiners, coroner's offices, forensic laboratories, morgues, hospitals, and funeral homes, throughout the United States. (For a more comprehensive list of satisfied customers, click on the “Our Customers” link above.) With a solid reputation and quality products, our success is no accident


Salam International, Inc. expanded its operations in 1999, when we moved to a substantially larger facility in Southern California.


The company communicates frequently with the end-users of its products. When we heard of customer dissatisfaction with body bags (disaster pouches) manufactured by other companies, Salam International, Inc. designed its bags to ensure that with proper use, the bag material would not leak and that the bags are extremely durable. In the process, the Salam International, Inc. disaster pouch became the highest quality bag in the marketplace, while retaining competitive pricing. During the bag design process, we also earned two U.S. patents and created forever-loyal customers. (For details on our disaster pouch products, see the details under”Products” then "Disaster Pouches.") This is just a brief example of how Salam International, Inc. communicates with our customers. We do our utmost to create functional and durable products.


We believe that customer satisfaction is earned by offering quality products, outstanding customer service, and extremely competitive prices. It is our mission to continue to adhere to these principles, even in difficult economic times.

To our existing customers, we say “thank you” for your loyalty. To potential customers, we offer you an invitation to you to give us an opportunity to fulfill all of your pathology, morgue, hospital, mortuary, and funeral home needs. We are confident that you won't be disappointed.

With Regards,
Salam International, Inc.